Monday, July 20, 2009

Target Baby!

Remember this post about the target clearance guide and this post about the cute summer baby apparel?? Today I went to pick up some OTC meds to try in hopes to ease up this darn morning sickness. While I was there, I had to check the kids clearance! Boy am I glad I did!

I fell in love with those shorts I posted about back in April and wanted to buy them for Payton, but let's be honest... I'm cheap! They were $9.99 and I just can't bring myself to spend $10 on a pair of shorts that she'll wear one summer and grow out of or destroy. I've oogled over them the last few months... then they started clearancing them out, but I'm still so cheap I wanted to see just how low they'd go. I'm proud to report they had one pair left today in her size, marked down to only $2.48! Woo Hoo! That's more like it!

I also nabbed a pair of white shorts for $1.50 and a pair of pink bermuda shorts for her for only $1.98. All have adjustable waistbands which are almost a must with my daughter!

Have I told you how much I love target clearance?? Payton grows too fast for me to be able to spend much on her wardrobe, so I rely on Target clearance and this great consignment shop called Kid to Kid. They have locations in 19 or 20 states I believe?? I've always had great luck finding nice gently used clothes for Payton there, and have sold a few of her clothes/toys there as well for cash/store credit. The stores I've seen have always been so clean and organized, nothing personal against Savers or Goodwill or other thrift stores, but I've been to a few of them (in Arizona) that made me feel like I needed to go home and take a shower afterwards. You can sign up for Kid to Kid's email club and they'll notify you when they are having sales or specials and you get a frequent shopper punch card. Twice a year they do a clearance sale, and once a year they do a "$7.00 bag sale" where you get to stuff a bag full of items and pay only $7.00 for whatever you can fit. A friend of mine and I did that this year and she fit 30 something items in her bag if I remember right. If you have little ones, it'd be worth checking out if there's a Kid to Kid near you! Sorry if that sounds like a total sales pitch, I'm not affiliated with Kid to Kid, nor are they paying me to praise them on my blog, I just love the store! :)

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