Friday, October 22, 2010

{Lace Flower Tutorial}

Today I made one of the cutest, easiest flowers ever!
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for pretty flower accessories! Want to make your own?

Let's get started.
{again, I apologize for the quality of the pictures,
still working with a broken camera here!}

You need:

decorative lace trim
small circle of matching felt {the size you want your flower}
glue gun
pin back or clip

I bought my lace at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1, an awesome price for 12 feet of lace. It didn't give a width, but mine was about 3/4" wide, this is what the packaging looked like:

1. add a thin line of hot glue around the top edge of your felt circle and attach your trim.
2. continue working from the outside in, adding more hot glue and attaching as you go.
3. The picture doesn't show this step well, but when I got about an 1.5" from the end, I added a dab of glue and rolled the last bit in. Then I added a dab to the center of my flower and pushed the rolled end down to create a rolled center. I hope that makes sense...

To add the pin back, cut a piece of felt slightly larger than your pin. Mark lines where the ends are, cut small slits along those lines. Then open your pin, feed the pin through one slit and the closure through the other slit. This step is optional, you could just glue your pin straight to the back of your flower, I just find this gives a more finished look and gives a better hold with the pin sandwiched between two pieces of felt glue together...

Glue your pin to the back of your flower, add it to a shirt and your done!

You could attach an alligator clip to the back as well and easily switch between a brooch or flower clip...

OR add a strip of folded tulle through the pin before attaching...

and you have some cute temporary tulle leaves on your flower...

...that you can easily remove if you want a simpler look...


I can't wait to get lace in a few different colors. How easy would these be to add to a pillow, necklace, purse...or how about these in place of these fabric flowers for the 3d wall art I made here.

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Have a great weekend!

4 People Had to Say...:

RyDeb.White said...

I am so excited you posted this! I almost bought some lace just like that at Hobby Lobby thinking I'd love to make a cute flower, but then realized I didn't even know how. I didn't realize it was so simple-thank you!

Laura Blue said...

Love it!

Crystal said...

Those are so pretty. I love the idea of using lace.

Beverly Girolomo said...

I love lace, & this is a great
tutorial sweet & simple. Comes out so pretty. Thanks for sharing

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