Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Spring/Summer Fashions

I often feel like I dress vicariously through my 16 month old, Payton. More than half her wardrobe I wish I could "super size" to fit me. They have some of the cutest infant wear out right now, can you blame me?

Here's some of my favorite finds:

Smock Top from Old Navy

With coordinating Printed Sash Denim Capris

Yellow Ruffle Tank from Walmart*

*Walmart digitally "colors" some of their clothes and they don't reflect the real color! Payton has this same tank and its more of the same color as the yellow target polka dot shorts.

I am sure there are plenty of cute clothes out right now in "my size" I just find it so much more fun to shop for Payton that I forget to look for me!

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