Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I ♥ Target!

I love Target. I went there to fill a prescription for Payton today (she has double ear infections and has/is developing pneumonia...poor thing!). I couldn't help but check the infant/toddler clearance section while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

The Target I go to has a bunch of cute short sleeve shirts clearanced for $2-2.80 right now, as well as some shorts clearanced for $3. Worth checking if yours has some! Of course I shopped in the girls, but I did see they had a lot of boys clearance as well!

My sister has a blog called Joyful Frugality and posted this Target Clearance schedule awhile back:

Monday: Electronics, Kids clothing and Stationary
Tuesday: Domestics, Food Items, Pets, Women’s Clothing
Wednesday: Health and Beauty, Lawn & Garden, Men's Clothing, Toys
Thursday: Books, Decor, Housewares, Lingerie, Luggage, Music and Movies, Sporting Goods, Shoes
Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware and Jewelry

If the clearance price ends in a ‘4′ (i.e. $1.94) then it is at its lowest price!

I only grabbed one shirt today, because they had a TON left in her size. I'm cheap and will check back next week and see if they've been marked down again!
I did pick up these super cute Polka Dot shorts they had on sale for Payton.
I think some new bows to match are in order!

2 People Had to Say...:

Southern Girl said...

Thanks for sharing the Target clearance schedule! That's awesome!

Those shorts are too cute!

Bellissima said...

Oooh - excellent insider information! And I love the shorts - so sweet!

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