Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello My Name is Amy...

And I'm a ribbonholic! People I have a sick addiction here. I bought 11 more spools of ribbon today...and if someone doesn't keep my doors and windows locked I'll probably buy some more tomorrow! Do they offer 12 step programs for this kind of thing?? I was making more bows tonight and it was getting ridiculous shuffling through spools, them unwinding everywhere. I've got to get this under control!

It's time for a detash intervention! So here it is!

This is like candy to me!

80 feet of ribbon- 75 different types. All of you who can't understand my love for ribbon might be thinking, what, you have 75 different types of ribbon? You don't know the half off it...

Click Here to buy this sampler grab bag of over 26 yards! You won't be disappointed!

1 People Had to Say...:

Laura Blue said...

oh dear... i have the same problem as you. only thing is... i could NEVER get rid of my ribbon. i love it too much. even if it's only 6 inches... it's MINE! i have a huge box full and i don't think i'd ever get rid of it.

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