Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Drab to Shab!

I'm loving this one! I've had supplies for weeks now to make a new flower/bow holder! I've been itching to play with mod podge! It's been too long...

I started to tear the paper and realized rather than tearing the backside where I could blend it in, I liked the rough teared edged showing!

See what I mean....

Then I was stuck on what to do...but a bit of ribbon and buttons can fix anything!

And then I was stuck again...should I paint the top?? Nah, you can never have too much ribbon!

Call me cocky, but I didn't realize how stinkin' cute this was going to be in my daughters room!

I'll be adding a listing to my shop for a CUSTOM made flower/bow holder, this one's mine to keep! Check my shop soon if you want one! Now if I was clever enough to come up with a better title that flower/bow holder! Any suggestions are welcome!

2 People Had to Say...:

Laura Blue said...

that's so cute! so do you just clip the flower to the steam? that easy and so so cute!

Mama Z said...

That turned out really cute! What a cute idea!

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