Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Featured Shop

First of all! Sorry this is late in the day, my internet just didn't want to work for me this morning, it took my husband's magic touch to get it running! I try to have things ready so I just have to publish it first thing in the morning! So here goes...

This week's shop is just yummy! Earcmra sells handmade, handrolled delicious caramels made with farm-fresh butter, sea salt, and other quality ingredients. Mmm... Here is a bit about the shop's owner:

"My name is Rachelle and I live near Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a college student with a double major in Nursing and Public Health Education. Caramel-making is my enjoyable and tasty diversion from school work! My favorite aspect is the lovely noise the caramel makes as it bubbles and cooks on the stove. I love being able to put together tasty meals to share with my friends and family, and making caramels allows me to share my passion for cooking with others too!

I found etsy about six months ago and have really enjoyed all of the fantastic items the sellers have to offer here! I have made many unique and entertaining purchases, as well as discovered some new hobbies (like letterpress printing and quilting!).

About two months ago I was browsing a recipe forum and I came across a recipe for licorice caramel. I was intrigued by it even though I had never attempted to make any sort of candy before. After lots of trial and error, I perfected the recipe and technique. This has been a happy stumbled-upon accident that turned out fantastically well!"

Rachelle is currently selling three flavors of caramel, vanilla, black licorice and pomegranate. You can buy by the 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, and 2 lb and she even offers 2 or 3 flavor samplers for purchase!

Here is what some customers have to say about these delicious homemade caramels:

"These are amazing! What you do with a little sugar, butter and vanilla is magical. Thank you"
"Geez these are some amazing caramels. they're buttery, sweet, and flavorful - definitely better than any you've ever had before! earcmra is a friendly, communicative & professional seller, offering the ideal etsy experience. thank you!"

"Without a doubt, these were absolutely the best homemade candy I've ever eaten and that includes my own! Unbelieveably rich and tasty!"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM... how many M's will they let me put here? Delicious, yummy, mmmmmmmm, tasty, I could go on and on! I will definately buy some for my dad in Texas, as soon as the weather is cooler! Yum!"

As you can see everyone LOVES these! She hasn't had a single disappointed customer! Click HERE to buy!

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