Monday, July 28, 2008

For Those That Give a WHOOT!

I'm really in love with Etsy! It's a little sick at times... and I've recently re-discovered an old love of mine! These two loves happen to go perfect together!

When I first joined etsy, I saw the cutest little plush owl. I knew it was in some one's shop that I had talked with, but couldn't remember who! I scrolled through about 30 pages in the search to find it! Remember Sugarberry?? No wonder I loved it so much!

Then I met KnotSewShabby! I saw this in her shop:

And I fell in love all over again!

Don't bother looking for this in her shop! I'm now the proud owner of it...but go ahead and look around, I'm sure you'll find something ele you like!

2 People Had to Say...:

Mama Z said...

I love owls too! I especially love the wall sticker!

Knot Sew Shabby said...

I'm obsessed with owls too. Who woulda thought?!

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