Friday, July 25, 2008


I finished 1/3 of my project today! I've got two more things I intend to make with that crib bumper. But for now, I used part of the material to make this!

A few months ago I had Payton paint this canvas and turned it into a picture board. Since then its been hanging above her crib, still no pictures on it and just looking so lonely up there! I knew it needed something else...

I thought a scrap swag would look perfect! I really didn't want to buy anything to make this, so I cut up part of her crib bumper, scrounged up scrap material, ribbon, and some tulle and went to town tieing it all together. It's not as full as I want, so I just might cave in and buy some green and yellow tulle to tie throughout it.

Did you know that artificial flowers fit perfectly over small nail heads?? I didn't until I tried it today. I only had some hot pink ones around, but I'm thinking I want light pink or green instead! I plan to buy some JUMBO gerbera daisies and some larger nails and see how they work out scattered around her room walls....but not until we move!

This really looks so much cuter in person!

Another part of my project will hang on either side of the canvas picture board, but again, I'm not doing anything else until we move into our new place...where ever that might be!

And a bit more randomness, when I pulled out her crib to hang all this, I hit the jackpot! 7 pacifiers!

3 People Had to Say...:

Becky Gurr said...

very cute!! and wow 7 pacifiers--I'm losing those things CONSTANTLY!! haha.

Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

wow 7!!! that is so funny!

cute things from the bumper!

Miracle Graphic Creations said...

7 pacifiers?! wow! hehe.

That painting is very cute!

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