Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Featured Shop!

Well Good News! You don't have to listen to me blab about myself again!

Of course I wouldn't feature a shop I'm not excited about, so I really mean it when I say, once again, that I'm SO excited for this weeks shop!

I LOVE shops with variety and this one definitely has it! Knotsewshabby carries tote bags, shopping cart covers, scrap booking supplies, handmade cards, Blessing/Christening Outfits *takes breath* bibs, burp rags, crocheted beanies and hats, wastenot bread crumb bags and busy bags (both SO UNIQUE!) and SO much more! Talk about one talented gal! I asked the shop owner a few questions about herself and this is what she had to saY!

"My name is Becky Gurr and I live in Florence, AZ. I have 2 little girls that keep me busy, or else I'd be working on filling up my etsy shop every chance I got! I stay up late at night, or get up early in the morning to work on my stuff. Since I was a little girl I've loved creating and crafting!

I discovered etsy a few months ago, but I've only been a member for less than a month. Since I've joined it's all I think about! I love trying to create ideas no one else has thought of. I also love shopping on etsy--so much great, fun, but mostly UNIQUE stuff!

My etsy shop has one of everything in it! (well almost!!) If I get bored of sewing, I'll scrapbook or make cards, and when I'm bored with that I'll crochet or applique...and so on. And that's why my shop is very unique, but most of all "random". My goal is to get new products up every week--so customers need to constantly be checking up on my shop to see what's new!"

Check out to some of Knotsewshabby's great items below and be sure to go to her shop and snatch up some of these unique items! I'm about to!

1 People Had to Say...:

Becky Gurr said...

Hey THANKS for doing our spotlight! It looks awesome!

AND..what are you doing with your little girls old bumper pads?? :)

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