Friday, July 15, 2011

Crowdtap- Sample Clothes and Other Products for free!

I just found out about crowdtap today. You take "quick polls" to earn point and can be randomly selected to try new clothes and other products. I heard that a lot of members were getting free Old Navy jeans today, so I signed up! I'm all about free products, so I'm excited to see what I might get selected to try.

You can earn cash by completing actions or winning discussions on Crowdtap. The amount of cash that is displayed is the amount that you can cash out for an Amazon gift card when you have at least $10. 5% of the cash you earn will automatically be donated to the charity you selected and Crowdtap will match this 5%. You will then get to choose whether the rest of the cash is redeemed for an Amazon gift card or donated to charity!

Click the picture below to sign up!


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