Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Orange-Tomato Couscous with Chicken}

Sorry I've been such a slacker on this blog lately. I'm still blogging, but more here and on my personal blog.
I'm working on a yarn wreath for our front door, but it's taking me forever, I'll post pictures once it's done and hung!


I've been trying some recipes out of the March/April issue of Eating Well since I started the Win, Lose, or Blog challenge and I'm loving everything I've made.

Last week I made Orange-Tomato Couscous with Chicken.
This dish is made with an orange, tomatoes, couscous, chicken {obviously}, cilantro, chick peas {aka garbanzo beans}, chicken broth, cumin and cinnamon.

This was the first time I've cooked with couscous and I loved it. My husband put it well, with the orange and tomatoes it was "unique", but still so good. The only thing we didn't like was the oranges, it added great flavor, but we didn't actually eat them, even though the recipe said they could be eaten {I tried!}...we just picked them out.

One serving has 417 calories, not bad for a dinner!
This recipe was an easy one pan dish and I'll definitely be making it again. The only difference I made was I used boneless skinless chicken breast instead of thighs.
You can find the full recipe here.

I posted about another easy Eating Well recipe I tried over here.

Do you have any under 500 calorie recipes you love?

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