Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Review- Columbian Home 9 Piece Canner Set

My order arrived in less than a week and packaged securely. Checking out was quick and easy and I received an email confirmation immediately. It originally said shipping would take 10 days, which I thought was a bummer {I'm a tad impatient!} but 2 days later I received an email saying it had been shipped and I received my package a few days after that. 

I debated back and forth between the 12 and 9 piece sets by Columbian Home, but since I'm a newbie at canning, I figured I'd stick to the basics, and I think this has everything I'll need! It holds 7- 1 quart jars, which will be perfect for my starter canning needs. Just a note, the 12 piece set is $22 more and comes with free shipping.

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about this product:

"Columbian Home is America's favorite porcelain on steel cookware for the past 125 years. This cookware is superior to chemical non-stick surfaces. Inert and composed mainly of glass, the porcelain is odorless, tasteless, and will not interact with food. Created from sand, the porcelain coating is sustainable and, ultimately, renewable. The steel, encased in the porcelain, does not oxidize and will not interact with the cooking or taste of your food."

This was my first time ordering from and it was such a smooth process, the hardest part was not filling up my cart with everything I want. {Still have several things on my wish list.} One of my favorite things I noticed on their site is the little "seen it for less?" link. strives to be competitive with other retailers and if they're prices don't reflect that, they want to know! If you click on the "seen it for less" link, a simple form will pop up asking you where you saw it for less, for how much and some basic personal information. At the bottom of the form it has a "send me an offer" button. also has a rewards program where you get 3% in CSN dollars on purchases. You can spend your CSN Dollars the day after you earn them, or anytime up to a year from the date you last earned Rewards

I'm looking forward to making jams and salsas with this set and will be keeping an eye out for cheap produce to use until we get our garden going this year. Can't wait to share my first canning experience!

*I received a gift certificate from for the purpose of purchasing this product to review. All opinions are honest and were not influenced by receiving this product free of charge. I received no monetary compensation for this post. I really did love ordering from and will again!

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