Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Simple Coat Makeover}

I found this size 3T coat at the thrift store for $1
Not completely terrible, but it was missing a button and the little the little flowers and leaves seemed a little dated and not my taste.
No offense to anyone who might happen to own this same coat.

I took it home {after paying of course!}, washed it, replaced the buttons with new ones and removed the flowers/leaves.
Finished it off with a cute pink lace flower and I kind of love it now.

Ok, I really love it.
Especially at just $1 for the coat and a couple bucks worth of buttons.

That was the only picture I got of her smiling. I got a whole lot of this the rest of the time...

See that cute newsboy hat she's wearing?
They will be available to purchase in my shop within the next week or so!

Another reminder that the CSNstores.com $55 gift code giveaway ends tonight! Enter now!

3 People Had to Say...:

Laura Blue said...

SO cute!! Love it! Did you just pin the flower on so you could wash it or did you glue it on? so cute! You always get good finds...i'm jealous! And cheap...ours is so expensive still. ugh!

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

Thanks Laura! The flower is just a brooch with a pin back so I can remove it when I wash the coat.

*Crystal* said...

So frugal and cute! I love it!

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