Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Piano Bench}

I wish I had taken before pictures, but I'm a slacker and didn't...

I've been wanting a piano bench for quite some time, I was so tired of my hubby stealing one of our table chairs while he played the piano. {He plays, not me}.

A few weeks I spotted one with worn walnut legs and a nasty fabric covered top for $6. I grabbed the sold sticker right away and told my hubby we were getting it. I've learned not to discuss these things with him because he has a way of talking me out of it..even if it's only $6.

When I showed him the bench I said I'd replace the fabric and lifted the lid to show him he'd finally have a place to store his music. When I lifted the lid I realized it was just had a slip cover, when we pulled it back we saw it was this rich walnut wood, perfectly protected by that nasty cover. Score.

I removed the top and sanded its edges a bit, gave the legs a light sanding and painted them blue, then I went back over and sanded some of the blue off to distress it a bit.

The legs got a bit more distressing than the rest and I still want to go back with some walnut stain on some of the legs where I had sanded too much of the original stain off to show through.

I'm loving the blue and walnut combo right now and I was pleasantly surprised that it took less work and money than expected to redo it.
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