Friday, October 8, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Friday- {How to Earn 120 Swagbucks a Month}

It's Friday, which means it's Mega Swagbucks Day again!
Today you have to chance to win bigger bucks in search, more often.

Search & Win

Unfortunately, you have no control over how many swagbucks you'll earn in search, or what search terms will earn you the 'big money', but I want to make sure you know, you can earn at least 120 swagbucks a month. {well except in February...}
Did you know, that you are awarded one swagbuck a day when you do the following things?

*Answer the Daily Poll
*Visit the Trusted Surveys
*Log in to your Swagbucks Tool Bar
*Look at the NOSO {No Obligation Special Offers}

You did? Good for you :)
If you didn't know that..well now you do! Don't expect to earn them every time you do this throughout the's just once a day. So if you log in and out of your toolbar several times a day, you want earn more swagbucks. If you are really new to swagbucks, or haven't signed up yet, it takes 7 days for the trusted surveys section to unlock for you. Once it does, check it at least once a day and you'll earn a swagbuck on your first visit of each day.

You can earn a swagbuck a day by checking the NOSO section as well. Just click the link, skip through the offers that don't interest you and get a swagbuck at the end...regardless of whether you signed up for an offer or not.

If you haven't installed the toolbar and you are able to, you'll earn a swagbuck the first time you log in for the day, every day.

So there you go...
4 easy ways to earn 120 swagbucks {112 in February and 124 some other months} a month.

Not a swaggernaut and want to sign up? Clicky HERE.

Happy Friday.
Have a great week and good luck earning the big bucks today!

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