Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{Homemade Baby Food}

I made baby food for the first time today and let me tell you! Easy Peasy!
I kept thinking, why didn't I make it with my first daughter?

Today I made carrots and applesauce... tomorrow I might do peas and green beans, and later do squash and pears...

If you've been buying baby food, you know how expensive it is. Too expensive.
Like I said, it's soo easy to make, not sure it even warrants a tute, but just in case, here's what I did with the carrots....

Peeled and sliced the carrots
then boiled them. Save the liquid you boiled them in
{sorry no pictures, I'm sure you smarties can figure this step out..
if not, you probably shouldn't be near a stove in the first place...}

Once the carrots were cooked until soft, I tossed them in the blender and hit the puree button

Every now and then, it needed a little help, so I'd add a little water {the same stuff you boiled the carrots in}, scrape the sides with a spatula...

{please stop the blender during this process} and then hit the good old puree button again...

I did this a few times, adding the liquid until I got the consistency I wanted
After that I dumped carefully poured them into ice cube trays
{it really does look like I just dumped it in...got a little messy}

Then I popped them in the freezer...once they are completely frozen, I'll pop them out and put them in ziploc freezer bags {one for carrots and one for apple sauce} and date them. Now I can take one or two out at a time and warm them up for meals as needed. From what I've read on different sites, they will stay good for up 3-6 months, but some recommend using them up in the first month if possible....to be on the safe side, I'll stick to a month or two.

The applesauce was pretty much the same process, but just a shorter one because it blended easier.

Just some notes about making your own baby food:

*I used two large carrots and three small apples to get the amount shown
*Each cube is approximately one ounce
*Gerber does not recommend freezing food in their baby food jars
*You can use frozen or fresh veggies or fruit, but don't use canned.
*Freezing baby food is preferred to canning baby food, as home canned food has a higher risk of botulism

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2 People Had to Say...:

Christine Jargick said...

I used to do this for my kids, now 16 and 12. It was so easy to do and I never had to worry about what they were eating.

MyLittleMe said...

I love making my own baby food!

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