Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Lady

I see this picture every time I log into my facebook account and makes my heart smile.
This picture was taken completely candid last year on halloween. I glanced over and saw my little girl admiring herself in the glass, only to lay a big one on herself a few seconds later.

I'm also reminded every time I log into facebook, that halloween is just around the corner and I need to get moving on my little one's costume.

This lady bug costume was super easy to make last year...well almost. The wings ended up being quite the ordeal. I found a pair of fairy wings at the dollar store and planned to just add black dots to them. The wings had sparkly swirls on them and that bugged me with the dots. Call me obsessive, but they didn't look lady-bugish enough to me. So I thought I'd take white nylons and dye them red, and recover the wings. That plan failed when they turned out hot pink instead of red. I ended up finding red tights at target and used those to recover the wire on the wings along with black felt dots and big black satin bow between the wings.
In the end I loved how they turned out. 

The tutu was easy peasy on the otherhand. There are a few tutu making methods, I used 6" wide tulle and did the tie method on ribbon. I bought black pom poms and hot glued them on...a year later they are still stuck on there and my little girl still loves playing dress up with her tutu.

*She looks so tiny there!

Tutus make the perfect base for a halloween costume, add some striped halloween tights and a witches hat and your little one can be a witch...or add some sparkly wings for a fairy costume. Do black and yellow for a bee costume or black and red for a ladybug costume as shown.

I have a few ideas for what my little girl will be this year and most involve a tutu!

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Kimberlee said...

She is just too cute! Can't wait to see her costume for this year.

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