Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toilet Paper Binoculars

This might not be the most original, genius idea, but my 2 year old loved it and was the master mind behind this quick, easy project.


The Toilet Paper Binoculars

I'm sure I have seen this before, but hadn't ever really thought to make them for my daughter. Payton came across a couple rolls of empty TP and brought them to me and said "Look! Like Daddy's glasses" and held them up to her eyes.

Daddy's glasses = binoculars

They like to star watch together. At night, the hubby and Payton sit on the back deck and Payton's hogs they take turns looking through the binoculars.

I thought I'd make these rolls a little more permanent.
I whipped out my glue gun..
An extra empty cardboard roll..
and scissors.

I cut a small piece of cardboard and glued it into a tube. Then I glued the toilet paper rolls to either side of the mini tube I just made. I was going to let her decorate it with markers, but she couldn't wait to test them outside...despite the fact it's still light out and no stars in sight.

She barely gave me enough time to snap a few shots of her before she was outback..sans pantalones.
Look at the joy on her sweet little face. All from a couple tubes of cardboard!

Who's got time for pants when there's site seeing to be done...
Princess Chair... Check..
Binoculars... Check...
Pants... Eh, oh well...

I heard "Mommy! Look a dog!"
"Mommy! Look clouds!"
"Mommy! Look swimming pool"...

I didn't see a swimming pool anywhere in sight...
but alas...everything is clearer with a pair of TP Binoculars!

Happy Repurposing!

**An empty paper towel roll cut up would be perfect to use too!

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What I Did Today said...

Hahaha! So cute! Why do we spend all sorts of many on the latest and greatest piece of plastic toy when our kids are happy with rocks, cardboard and sticks? Seriously.

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