Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Humble Abode and Our Own House to Home Journey

Just a quick post. I wanted to share another fun blog I found! I'm loving the home makeover blogs right since we just bought our first house. Anything to get my creative juices and ideas flowing! Our Humble Abode does just that.

I LOVE this armoire makeover.

Like Mindy, I love a white kitchen with pops of colors. Exactly what I plan to do with
 our kitchen.

The blue she used in her boys room is to die for and I've been thinking about using a similar shade in the play room, it would match the girls toy buckets well.

She even used my fav spray paint color on this cute lamp makeover here.

If you are in Utah, Mindy also does photography.

Take a peak at Mindy's blog. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration!

And lastly, I've had questions about our own House to Home Journey Blog that I previously mentioned. I'm warning you, there's nothing there right now. I've been taking "before" pictures, and will get those up soon, but unfortunately, there's not much "after" pics to yet. We worked out front all day yesterday (we had planned to paint, but once again put it off) and there's still quite a bit to do out front. If you want to pop our blog link in your google reader, go ahead, but I can't promise any fun posts any time soon!

Happy Wednesday!

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