Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{Life Made a Little Easier}

Ok, maybe just {blogging}, not life.

My friend Aimee gave me this tip today on how to set your blog up for the new bulk photo uploader setting. This setting brings many new features, like being able to copy and paste within the compose section of your post, rather than the {html} section, being able to change your picture size within the post once you've uploaded them and the option to see a preview of your post exactly like it will appear on your blog page prior to posting. No more posting and then realizing something is cut off, or not centered!
Thank you blogger!

Now I believe all blogger users setting will eventually convert to this, but if you don't want to wait, let's getting started on those new settings now!

First..go to your dashboard and select settings

Scroll all the way down and select {updated editor} then click save settings at the bottom.

And you're done!

Now when you go to upload photos from your computer, click {chose files}

And now you can highlight all your photos and upload them at once!

Hello Time Saver!

No more clicking each {add photo} box and searching for the same picture folder over. and over. and over.
Not to mention the time you had to wait if you wanted to upload more than 5 photos at a time!

*One other tip, to change the photo size during the {compose} setting, click on the photo and a edit box will pop up that allows you to change the size, alignment, and add a caption.

*Also! It has a strike through strikethrough text option now on your toolbar now...a definite headache saver for any html challenged folks :) Just a highlight the text you want to strike out and you're done.

Thanks Aimee for sharing this tip with me!

Happy Blogging!

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Ready Set Create said...

Awesome! How could I not have heard about this before now?! What a time saver this will be. . . Many thanks!
♥ Aleesha

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