Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Pumpkins

++Warning! Super easy, inexpensive project++

Do you love all those fake white pumpkins they have out this fall? I've seen them everywhere, and even the smallest ones can cost $5-7 a piece. I'm all about doing something cheaper myself if I can.

If you have $5 and a dollar store nearby, go pick up some of those hideous dollar store pumpkins for a $1 a piece (you know the ones that are an awful orange, speckled with shades of green, brown and yellow) some white craft paint, and spool of ribbon. Paint your pumpkins*, tie bows around the stem, put on shelf or add to centerpiece...easy peasy!

*They are plastic, so I had to do two coats.

If you like the classic orange pumpkin color, you could still paint them a pumpkin orange. I've yet to find even small solid normal orange pumpkins for a $1.00. Feeling extra crafty? Add some cute black vinyl lettering that says "BOO" or "EEK".

That cute little "FAITH" shelf sitter is by Olde Country Cupboard.

5 People Had to Say...:

Mama Z said...

Cute idea!! I've passed those pumpkins several times thinking there's gotta be something I can do with them!!!

Timeless Paper Arts said...

that is super cute...and I'm all for easy, inexpensive projects!! thanks for sharing :)

Michele said...

Well, HELLO! Aren't you the smart one! Thanks for hitting me over the head with that one! I never seem to figure that stuff out for myself, duh!
Have a great weekend, off to the dollar store!

Greta Petra said...

Hey Amy! How cute is this blog?!?! K. Lets get together and you can teach me how to be a little more creative! Please please please?!
-Gretchen W.

Kristal said...

So cute!!

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