Monday, October 5, 2009

Re-purposing Clothing!

Every now and then I get a serious sewing itch! Now that I know we are having another girl, its given me an excuse to start sewing some new things. *Did I mention we found out we are having another girl??* I saw an idea for re-purposing an old skirt and shirt on I realized I had a skirt that I never wear (zipper always stuck on it and its gotten a little snug!) and my daughter had a shirt she put a hole in it that would match PERFECT!

Ashley from Make it and Love it suggests doing a gathering stitch around the skirt and sewing it to the shirt..I did this and it just looked plain silly on my little one! She has a bit of a belly (got to love baby fat!), and sadly it looked like a mini maternity dress on her! I decided to tear it apart, cut the skirt to size and re-sew it. It didn't look finished so I picked up some brown with white swiss dot fabric and sewed a tie along the empire waist so it ties in the back and attached a bow to the front.

I have to say I love how it turned out in the end! Well worth tearing it apart and re-doing it.

I was super excited when I had enough left over fabric to make a matching skirt for the baby!

Best part is I originally bought the shirt for a couple bucks at Kid to Kid and the skirt I bought on clearance at Walmart in college, I don't remember how much it was, but being that I was in college I doubt I paid more than $6-7 for it. Feels great to extend the life of both things!

If you've done any clothing re-purposing, I'd love to see a link. I'm always looking for new ideas!

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