Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Basket

Are you a slacker like me and waited until the week of Easter to get a basket for your little one? Baskets can be so expensive, so I had dreams of making Payton a fabric Easter basket, but didn't know what I was doing and couldn't find fabric I was "in love with" that I wanted to attempt making into a basket. Last night I was at Hobby Lobby and all of their Easter baskets were 50% off. I found a cute plain pink felt Easter basket for only $3.00 after the discount, but it was kind of boring...

(I didn't take before pictures...)

With a few scraps of fabric and some ribbon and Payton has a one of a kind Easter basket, that isn't made of wicker so she can't break it!

It's simple, but that's the way I like it!

If you need an Easter basket, hurry and check your local Hobby Lobby! They had quite a few cute ones to choose from that didn't need any embellishing!

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