Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME!

Today I found what could be my new favorite store. I bought 4 lace trimmed shirts and this pretty green lace trimmed cami to go with my new favorite necklace! All this for $18.00, insanely inexpensive and the owner gave me a bracelet for free too! Sweet!

So... my new fav necklace was one of my Christmas presents to myself. I'm wearing it for the first time today and it is beautiful and perfect! It's the perfect length and oh I just love it! It's crazy how some great new accessories can make you feel! *Sings I feel pretty, oh so pretty!*

So, where did I get this great find? Why Etsy of course! Nancy over at HubGirl is so sweet. The packaging was perfect and shipping was fast! I don't see another one of these in her shop, but there are many other great finds, like this other necklace! Check it out!

Now what is YOUR favorite etsy find?? Leave a comment and let me know! I've had a few others, I will have to post soon!

Happy Tuesday!
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