Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling Old...

Some days I feel old, like really old...last Friday was one of those days...

All the stress of buying a house, having a baby, and daily responsibilities have worn us down a bit.
This was us just 9 months ago...

And us again, last Friday...


This year was the first time we've dressed up for halloween.
We went to a party and won "best couple" award.
I have to admit, it was kind of fun dressing up.
Can you believe my husband had me shave a receding hairline just for halloween?
Many thought it was a skin piece or wig, nope, it was the real deal.
He's a baldy now.

Costume Breakdown:

$3 for polka dot house dress
$4 for old man cardigan
$2 for hair rollers
$2 for white hair spray

Total:  $11

I kept the girls' costumes pretty simple this year:

$1 dollar tree wings
$1 dollar tree wand
Tutu I made

The littlest one was a cow...
I found this costume on clearance last year for $2.50.
I sewed a couple pink bows on the ears to "de-boy" it a bit but she still got a lot of "he's so cute!".

Did you do anything fun for Halloween?
Hope everyone had a safe one!
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