Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{What am I Reading?} Wednesday

This last week I have read Pigs Can't Fly by Ben Cort several times to my daughter.

She love love loves this book! And I do too.

Book description found on Amazon : "Little Pig is bored. He decides that pigs never have any fun. It seems to him that a Giraffe has much more fun-so he climbs up on stilts in an effort to be as tall as Giraffe. But down he comes with a huge CRASH! "You're not a giraffe. You're a wobbly pig on stilts," Zebra tells Pig. But now, Pig sees Zebra's stripes, and this gives him another clever idea, which leads to a brand-new disaster. Every time Pig sees a different animal, he's inspired to concoct a new catastrophe! Will Pig ever get it right? Will he ever start having fun? Very young boys and girls will laugh with delight as they reach the story's end and discover the answer to this question."
Recommended age: 2-7

This book is just such a cute little book. It's an easy read and my 2 year old already loves to "read" it herself, by looking at the pictures and saying the basics of the storyline. The book's message teaches to be happy with who you are.

This was another thrift store find, but you can grab your own hardcover copy for just $2.46 on Amazon here*.

As for myself, I'm in the middle of reading Letter From Home by Carolyn Hart.
*I'm not affliated with or being paid by for linking to their site.
I've just always had wonderful luck ordering off their website!

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