Monday, October 25, 2010

{Get Your Save On}

Lame title? Maybe. First of all, I have to say I am 3 followers away 200 followers. three

Ok, let's get down to business. You know my love for money saving/money making sites like swagbucks. I'm about to cash out another $5 Amazon gift card, which makes $40 in free Amazon gift cards in just a few months. Can you say free Christmas presents? Well, I have a few other great sites to share with you today.

My sister told me about this site. Just this weekend, she got a $200 gift certificate to a furniture store for just $39. How? Groupon partners with business to offer some pretty awesome deals. If enough people want to take part of the offer, than the deal is activated. You can also get referrals for friends that sign up, and get credit on your groupon account to use towards "deals". So in my sisters case, this furniture store offered a $200 gift certificate for $49, and she had a $10 credit in her groupon account so she paid $39 for a $200 gift certificate! Awesome.

You might have seen commercials for this one. When my husband and I first saw the ebates commercial with everyone saying how much they earned on ebates, we both though yeah..right. BUT, my lovely sister told me more about this one as well. You get cash back {up to 26%} when you go through them to shop online. Old Navy, Disney, Kohls, Ebay, guess what Groupon! It's free to sign up. Shop at your pick of more than 1200 online stores and 4 times a year they will either send you a check with your cash back or deposit it to your paypal account. Combine this with your favorite cash back credit card and that's some serious cash back! Not only do you get cash back, but ebates offers several store special offer coupon codes. Ebates has a referral program as well. Refer your friends, and when you both get $5 cash back when they make their first purchase.


This one is just for Salt Lake, but is similar to Groupon. Each day, awesome deals are offered at an incredible price. Get gift certificates for the fraction of the price. Are you loving all the referral programs these sites have? This one has one too. Share the daily deal with your friends and if someone buys it, you get a $5 credit in your account.

Rue La La is the destination for 2-day-only Boutiques, filled with the designers we love at private sale prices. It's free, fabulous, and invitation-only. Want to sign up? I've got your invitation right here. Once again, they have a referral program as well. Get a $10 credit when your friends place their first order.

Giggly Gum Drops:

This one is a little different from the others, but still a great site. Crystal, the owner of Giggly Gum Drops is awesome to work with and offers cute vinyl at very reasonable prices. You can receive a $3 store credit when you send her a photo of the vinyl you purchased in use. I've got a few things ordered from her that I need to put to good use, but you can see the vinyl I did purchase and use on these upcycled soda bottles here.

Happy Saving!

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Lei said...

Good stuff, thanks for the heads up! I am your 200th follower I think. ;) Congrats. Now maybe you can help me get to 200!!!

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