Thursday, October 14, 2010

Headstones? Temples? Pumpkins?

Monday I was itching to make a Halloween craft so I headed into the garage to see what I could find. We had some 2x4s that Hubby brought home {for free!} so I got him to cut some for me and I got building.

In the middle of my hard work {ok, this wasn't really hard work!}, my little one said "OH! Pretty Temples Mommy!"... {you can read more about Temples here}

Then when I started painting them, Hubby said, "Orange Headstones?"...

This was the end result...

Either I'm on a roll making bad crafts, or Hubby and the little one are on a roll insulting my crafts...
{you can read what they said about my last project here}
Maybe a bit of both?

I did not have a jig saw, so I hubby did straight cuts, I would have loved to use a jigsaw to round the edges. {it's on my Christmas list!} I don't hate them enough to dump them, so they'll stay this year. I've just moved them from out front to inside :)

Want to make your own "Orange Headstone Temple Pumpkins"?
Here's how I did mine...

For the big pumpkin:
3- 18" 2x4 pieces
2- at least 30" scrap pieces of wood

For the little pumpkin:
3- 12" 2x4 pieces
2- at least 30" scrap pieces of wood

Also need:
sand paper
glue gun/ glue sticks

Cut angles in 2 the tops of pieces of wood for each pumpkin. I did 45 degree cuts, but you could do a smaller degree or even a rounded cut if you have a jig saw.

Drill holes in the tops for your sticks {using a drill bit the same size as your sticks}.
Then I used scrap wood to keep them "held" together. To prevent the wood from splitting, I drill holes slightly smaller than the nails in the wood first. I got lazy and skipped this step on one and sure enough, it split.

As you can see, I didn't bother painting the back, I sanded and painted the front... Glued the stick in the holes on top, tied the jute and distressed the edges a bit. I also speckled the biggest pumpkin, you can't really tell in the picture. I might go back and speckle the other two and distress them all a bit more.

You can also see there are a few holes in the pumpkins, this was free scrapwood hubby found a brought home. I don't mind the imperfections on bit.

Easiest "Orange Headstone Temple Pumpkins" I've ever made!

Now I really might make another set sans sticks and make RIP Headstones for outside.

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6 People Had to Say...:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I thought they looked like pumpkins! They're adorable!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I think they are really cute! I love how shabby chic they are with the jute:)

Lei said...

Of all the wooden pumpmkins I've seen this year, these are my fave!!! Love the boards lined vertically. :)

amyg @ My 3 Monsters said...

I LOOOOVE them! My husband doesn't get it sometimes either. I made some cute message boards once and he said, "They just don't 'go' in our house. Everything else we own is . . . cool." Seriously!

Alison said...

I am such a sucker for pumpkins, and these are darling!!!

Ready Set Create said...

I love them! I think they are super cute and totally shabby chic! I love pumpkins!

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