Saturday, September 25, 2010

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I'm still working on the two projects I posted yesterday, but one is starting to feel like a lost cause and the other one is giving me crafter's block so I moved onto a couple other things.

Everything in our living room is tan, red, and brown. Snooore. So boring... I want to add some color to the space.

I've been trying to do this crackle technique, but it hasn't been going as planned. It wasn't crackling and I can't figure out why! I did however find a new way to distress things... over at Make the Best of Things, they show you how to do a crackle finish with elmers glue. I practiced on a small white frame that I wouldn't care about if it got ruined. Apply your base paint, dry, apply elmers glue, let it get tacky, apply your top coat of acyclic paint and watch it crackle. When mine wasn't "crackling" I decided to start sanding it all off and try again. When I started to rub the sand paper over the paint, the glue and paint started to rub up and creating a old peeled paint effect. It's not perfect and not at all how I pictured the finish to turn out, but I'm kind of like it.
{dream} {discover} {love}
A little "J" for our family name, some fabric rosettes, jute, burlap and scrapbook tags and I really kind of love it. It's even better when you don't look too closely :)

*edit* I found before pictures from months ago...
I got this frame for $0.99 at the thrift store and loved the edge of it...didn't love the tile though. 
I used a butcher knife and meat mallet to hack off the mosaic tile. I do not recommend this method..
I'm lucky to have 10 fingers still.

{mucho better}

Again, no before pictures, but then this clock was a little left out, it was a solid dark blue before. I found it at the thrift store for $1 month ago and planned to paint it red. Gah! Boring.
I'm glad I procrastinated because I love the blue. A little burlap flower and some jute wrapped around the bottom. Simple... Love it.

Don't worry, my living room is not going to just be blue, brown and tan. I'll be keeping some reds and adding a few pops of yellow as well.
Now if I could get a shelf up and a *real* entertainment center I could finish the space and show you the whole thing.


6 People Had to Say...:

Michele of By Your Side said...

Pretty, Pretty!!
I am the Queen of Neutral, taupe, dark green and plum make my living room less than a thrill!! Maybe I need to "spice" it up!!

That One Girl said...

Oh if I could only be so lucky to have a "boring" living room! When we bought our house, we had these huge plans on painting and reflooring and this and that... yeah... we didn't realize how much money we were going to need for other little things, so, we still have the diarrhea master bedroom, the chocolate brown and brick red living room, and the rust orange and peach kitchen. *sigh*
Some day, I'm going to have a fantastic green, black, and white living room! But, until then, I will just have to dream... LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the pealed paint effect you stumbled upon. It looks fantastic. Great job.
April @

Young and Crafty said...

I love how weathered and beachy your frame turned out!

Thanks for linking up to Scraptastic Saturday!

Hannah @

P.S. I'm keeping your link up only because you used scrapbook items. Remember next time that it's got to be with scrapbook paper! Hope to see you again!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

That frame is gorgeous! I love the addition of the rosettes and the burlap. Very creative!

Crystal said...

that frame turned out so pretty. I love the blue.

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