Saturday, May 1, 2010


I went thrifting this morning. Anyone in Northern Utah would say "you did what?" When I left this morning it was cloudy and cold with a chance of rain.

First stop: DI...

I started things off right by finding a cute little carafe like this. I had Payton sitting in the cart basket and Brooke's car seat in the front. I thought for sure if I put it in the basket with Payton, she would chuck the carafe out of the cart or bang it against the edge of the cart and then it would shatter into a million pieces and everyone would stare. SO I thought genius, put it in the front seat, snugly cushioned between the cart edge and the car seat. Here's where my logic went wrong, you know those little leg holes where your child sits? (your child really sits there? How nice, mine won't...)...I forgot about them. So we're cruising along, scouting the goods and BAM, cart goes over a little bump, the carafe shifts a bit, falls right through the leg hole, and shatters...into a million pieces. Before my brain could tell my hand no!, it shot up and covered my mouth which was now gaping open. I starred at the mess and then looked up to find everyone starring at me...and then everyone walked by slowly and starred at the mess. Seriously? You'd think they were witnessing the scene of a head on collision. So a worker came out and cleaned up the mess while I insisted on paying for it (it was only 50 cents) but they wouldn't let me.

After I apologized a thousand times, I gathered up what little pride I had left and continued looking a bit. I almost packed up out of fear that I'd ram my cart into a shelf and knock the whole thing over...but I trekked on and I'm glad I did!

This cute little apothecary jar was in the collectibles, originally $8.00 and I got it for $4.00. Again, I almost made a mad dash for checkout thinking I was bound to break it. Then I spotted a set of 4 legs for $4. These are normally $4 a piece, $4 for 4..score. I'll be building a table out of them. "You build furniture, Amy?" you, no I don't, but I plan to. I asked hubby for tools for Mom's Day. His heart went pitter-patter, hubba hubba.

These shoes I bought earlier this week, but I had to sneak them in because they are cute and comfty... and the best part, they don't smell like old feet. Don't you love this fabulous framed fish picture? (say that 5 times fast) ...ok, me neither, but it was $1.50 and if you look closely the frame is studded (is that the word?)..I'll ditch the fish, paint it and put something else inside.

Next I went to a garage sale, which was a total dud. I did find a couple vhs Care Bear movies and Care Bear DVD, all three were a $1.50. I forgot how completely awesome the graphics are.

It was drizzling when I left and I thought I was done for the day, but on my way home I spotted a big yard sale out front of a church. As soon as I got out my car the rain really started to come down. I quickly looked through and spotted a couple things. A guy told me they were packing up and would sell whatever I wanted to me for 25 cents each! My mind said "score!" feet screamed "it is freezing, get back in the car!", my cheap wallet said "give him a couple quarters and leave" and my heart said look at those poor girls, huddling together, freezing cold. My feet were right, it was too cold for me to look around more so I settled for a cute o'niell purse, a pair of old Navy sweat pants for Brooke to wear this winter and paid them what the price tags listed, still only $2.50!

On the topic of thrifting...I found a new fav dollar store in Utah. Honks in Ogden, UT to be specific...its bigger than the other Honks I've been to and it has some cute country/rustic/primitive decorations. I'm a sucker for country/rustic primitive stuff.

I picked up these goods yesterday. I can't decide yet if I'm liking the weeping willow trees in the middle of the stars or if I'll paint over or decoupage the middle. I also found some cute primitive saltbox houses and a pip-berry weeping willow tree at another Honks (Roy and Layton) a few weeks ago. Not pictured...but will eventually.

Where are your favorite thrift stores? What's your favorite thrift find?

Happy Saturday!

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