Friday, May 8, 2009

Front Page Baby!

I was out of town last night/today, but got the chance to check my email and etsy for a couple minutes from a gas station early this morning. To my surprise I opened to find the treasury I was featured in on the front page. Perfect timing to check! I couldn't help but shout "Oh my gosh!" I think I might have scared hubby a bit!

This was my first time one of my items made the front page! I've read from some in the forums, that being on the front page isn't that a big of deal and didn't help their sales; until today I never knew whether making the front page made a difference or not! I was pleased to come home and find almost 400 new item views, 12 new shop hearts, 12 new hearts on the item featured, 4 sales and 2 convos asking for custom flower clips.

Thanks again to Amy from The Peach Tree for including me in such a beautiful treasury! It was such an honor and pleasant experience!

4 People Had to Say...:

Southern Girl said...

Wow, that is so exciting!!!!! Your clips are so beautiful - you deserve it!!!

littlemissmoon said...

Way to go my dear!! I agree, you sooo deserve it! Yay!!!

The Handmade Guru said...

I'm thrilled for you! You have a great shop.

oneordinaryday said...

Good for you. I browsed through you etsy shop and you are so talented. You definitely deserve to be featured!

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