Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just about had a fight with my sewing machine today. It was not working well with me at all. Ok...truthfully...I wasn't working well.

I was so excited to make this onesie:

Once I started sewing, everything went wrong. My thread broke 3 times, and I bunched the material and sewed the front to back twice! I'm such a dork! I was so mad at myself because I snagged the back of the onesie a bit when undoing the stitching...nothing too bad and its at the bottom where pants would cover it anyway, but its not something I can sell. I did the onesie in another 12M, so my daughter can't even wear this "oops" onesie. I'll just have to save it and hope for another girl.

You can see how wrinkled it is from pulling it in and out the machine so many times.

And the worst part was when I finally thought I was doing fine and then realized the bobbin ran out. I was working with clear thread so it took me a bit to realize it. I don't think I've ever had so many problems sewing as I did today, it was just an off day!

I didn't even attempt to finish this:

I walked away before I did something drastic to my sewing machine.

It needs an eye and some legs, and if I don't throw my sewing machine off the balcony before finishing it, I'll have it listed in my shop this week! All onesies will be available in sizes newborn to 24M.

Someone please tell me they have off days too when they sewing or doing other crafts! This was my first big off day :(

3 People Had to Say...:

Southern Girl said...

Sorry for your off day. One day I kept burning myself with the hot glue gun! Ouch!

beloved30 said...

When you're having an on day you could make onesies for boys with little ties on them. I've seen them before but I think you could make it way cuter!

Becky said...

these are soo adorable! i think i might need one! ;) and i HATE having sewing machine troubles--it totally drives me nnuts! to the point where i just have to WALK AWAY!!! haha. you are so multi talented!! can't wait to see these in the shop!

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