Thursday, March 19, 2009

Appliqued Frame

Last week my husband was looking through pictures on our computer and mentioned he wanted a copy of picture I caught of him tickling my daughter. His birthday was the next day so I got this grand idea to try and make a frame for him and put the picture inside. I don't do well with last minute projects, especially when I already have a hundred things planned for that day. The frame wound up being more for my daughter's room...and I never finished it in time, I didn't have the time or all the paper I wanted to use for it that day. I ended up showing him the unfinished frame and gave him a wallet size copy of the print along with his other birthday gifts.

Today I decided to pull out my cricut machine and finish the frame. I still hadn't bought the paper I had in mind, but I had some fabric on hand that I liked and some fabric fuse. I'm sure there would have been an easier way to do all this, but I just wanted to get that frame finished!

First I cut a strip of fabric fuse to 8.5 x 11". I put it through the cricut ('bumpy' side up) using my "opposites attract" cartridge and cut out the words "Daddy's Girl". I was a little nervous that the "fuse" part would seperate from the paper, but it held up nicely! I placed the cut out letters on the fabric, fuse side down.

After ironing them to the fabric, I cut each letter out...this is the part that would have been easier if I tried ironing the fuse to the fabric FIRST and THEN cut out the letters, but I didn't want to waste any fabric and I didn't know how the material would cut in the cricut. (anyone know??)

After cutting all the letters out I placed them where I wanted on the frame and carefully ironed them...

The 'a' shifted in the process, and Girl didn't fit as well as I would have liked...

But as The Nester says "It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful".
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Southern Girl said...

That is a beautiful frame! You did a great job!

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