Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Settled

Getting settled is taking me much longer than expected! This is the first time having to move and unpack with a baby. And now we are talking about buying a house sooner than planned, which means all that I've unpacked could be packed up in a couple months...and then more unpacking will come!

I have quite a few items to list, I just need to get pictures and descriptions ready. I've also picked up crocheting again. I'm working on crocheting some infant and kid newsboy style hat/beanies. I made my first one for my daughter without a pattern, and got so frustrated! It came out alright, but I've got a pattern now and will be listing some SOON I hope!

Well, be sure to check out The Giveaway tomorrow for your chance to win a free headband and bow of your choice from Chicy Creations.

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