Friday, August 22, 2008

Shouldn't I Be Packing??

We move in 2 weeks, and yet I am collecting and making more STUFF!

I intended this one to be a before and after project post for this shutter, but the batteries on my camera were dead and I wasn't patient enough to wait for the batteries to you just get the after shot! Which is still fun! And again with this darn impatient issue I have...its not QUITE finished... I plan to screw in some cute knobs or hooks at the bottom, or just get some nails and pound them in to make it a key holder. I think the top might need some extra umph as well...but we will finish this once we've moved!

Tonight I went to Michaels...BIG mistake. On my way there I thought I'm just going to grab a couple of things, because I forgot my coupons anyway!

WELL, that didn't happen! They had a massive ugly 90% off section with LOTS of potential...note the ugly rooster cabinet thing...
I Bought all of this, plus 3 barn stars and some paper for $10.00. That cream jug vase thing...just 75 cents!

About the ugly rooster thing now, if you were freaking out, questioning my taste in decor, you can calm down! You can however, once again question my patience...

That little scuff on the bottom of the right cabinet door sticks out like a sore thumb! When I get the patience, I might re-do that side...chances are I will be lazy and leave it! Seriously now...looking at this picture I'm realizing it really doesn't look as cute as it came out... maybe I will just re-do the whole thing again!

And this one isn't SUPER cute, yet...but I'm working on it. I fought with this bow for 10 minutes. I don't have anything to put in the little pots yet, so tissue paper will have to do for photo purposes!

I can't wait to get into our new place and decorate with my new goodies. I'm already envisioning where they will go!
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3 People Had to Say...:

Christy *Clemz Clozet* said...

Love the shutter, the top might just need a word or saying in vinyl lettering. You're gonna make me have to visit Michael's tomorrow.

Laura Blue said...

omg! that shutter is to dIE FOR! and i can totally see it finished and hanging on MY wall! i guess i need a house inorder to ba able to do that. lol well i guess we'll see where i'm at when you're done with it. lol great ideas! keep them coming!

Lyssa said...

Cute! Love good deals like that!! Way to go!

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