Thursday, August 21, 2008

For Christy

Christy said:

"A few posts back you mention that you love ribbon. Where do you purchase your ribbon? Is it locally or do you order from someone???"
Christy, I tried answering you directly on your blog, but it's private, SO this is for you...

As I said before I am a ribbon junkie...and I'll get my ribbon fix anywhere I can! I've ordered ribbon once online from someone on etsy, but most of the time I shop locally.

Some of my favorite ribbons are American Craft and Dashes and Dots. Both are sold at your local Michaels. I've even snagged some American Craft ribbon at Target before. I have bought ribbon from JoAnns before, but most of the time I find myself buying at Michaels. For the most part I've slowly stocked up on ribbon at Michaels and JoAnns when I get 40% off coupons, or they go on sale! And most craft stores accept competitors coupons!

There are a couple of stores where I live that rock! SAS and Ribbons and Lace. They sell ribbon by the yard (Ribbons and Lace will sell by the INCH!) I only shop here when I want a little of a lot of variety. If you are planning to use a lot of one type, its cheaper to buy by the spool.

See Christy, if your blog wasn't private you probably would have got a simple short and sweet answer, but instead EVERYONE gets to listen to some mad ribbon obsessed woman ramble on once again!

AND since we are talking about ribbon! Anyone looking for a great ribbon sampler click here!

2 People Had to Say...:

Laura Blue said...

i LOVE ribbon. Another good place to get it is SBE, they sell it by the yard. i like ribbons and lace too... for fun, different stuff... a little pricy though

Christy *Clemz Clozet* said...

Thank you for the detailed response. I added a picture to my profile and it must have reset my profile being public vs. not public. All fixed now, sorry you had to post all that, but thanks for the info.

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