Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling a Bit Distressed

I have felt a bit distracted all day so if this post is all over the place, which I have a feeling it will be, I'm sorry!

Today I started going through things in our house, clearing out stuff we don't need or never use. We keep saying we are going to have a yard sale, but I hate the hassle of them. Maybe we will eventually. I went to Deborah's moving sale and sold some stuff, and it wasn't that bad...

When I was going through stuff I came across two things:

1. An old bath towel rack I bought in college. Me and my room mate felt crafty one day so we went and bought these wood ready to finish towel racks. We didn't need it when we moved in here, so I removed the hooks intending to do something with it. Well...I never did!

2. A box I had got for another craft project. I was supposed to go to Deborah's with my friend Emilee and decoupage these wood boxes. Well, plans fell through that night and we never did. I had bought a box for her to do too...and it has sat on my closet shelf ever since.

At this point in my clearing out rampage, I got distracted.

The other night I bought some new supplies to do an order I got and one of the items I bought was a new paint brush. It was only 99 cents at JoAnns, but call me a dork, I'm in love with it! The bristles are perfect on it. I've been taking every chance I get to use it. Now I will stop rambling and get to the point...

I have no idea what pictures to put in the two spots, or where I am going to put this box, it will probably go back up on the same shelf it came from, but I had fun finishing it, or maybe it will end up on etsy, we'll see!

Across from the shelf in the bathroom there is a matching cabinet above the toilet. I looked back and forth at the two seriously tempted to bring in my brush and stain and distress the heck out of them, but I didn't, yet...

Distressing is something I don't think you can mess up! It's SUPPOSED to look old and warn. All you need is some stain, I used a waterbase stain in walnut by folkart for these, and good DRY paint brush, and some old rags or paper towels. I just dab my brush into a little bit of stain, brush some off and go at it! You can lightly brush over the whole thing or just a few parts. I like to go back with a little bit of stain on a paper and rub it over the corners and creases that I want to accent. Seriously there is no messing up here! If you are nervous, keep an old wet cloth on hand in case you need to quickly wipe off the stain.

I have a set of barn stars with distress written all over them, but I have plenty to do this weekend...another day...

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